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Facial Pigmentation

Livingston Family Healthcare

Family Medicine located in Livingston, TN

Uneven color or darkened areas of your face can cause you to feel self-conscious and less attractive. Kenneth Beaty, MD, of Livingston Family Healthcare, offers revolutionary Cynosure® laser treatments for reducing irregular facial pigmentation, age spots, and skin discolorations. For a consultation, call the Livingston, Tennessee, office or schedule an appointment online.

Facial Pigmentation Q & A

What is facial pigmentation?

Facial pigmentation, or hyperpigmentation, is a term that refers to color variations on the surface of the skin on your face. Facial pigmentation happens when there is an overgrowth of cells responsible for giving your skin color, called melanin. 

When melanin collects on the surface of the skin, it creates darkened areas that could leave your skin looking uneven and discolored. Some types of facial pigmentation include freckles and age spots. 

What causes facial pigmentation?

Facial pigmentation has a variety of possible causes. The most common cause of hyperpigmentation is sun exposure or sun damage. Other causes include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Melasma, a skin disorder
  • Advanced age
  • Skin disorders, like eczema or rosacea 
  • Chronic disease, like kidney or liver disease

While facial pigmentation is not a severe health condition in itself, it can cause you to feel less attractive and self-conscious. Livingston Family Healthcare offers Cynosure Icon laser treatments to treat your facial discoloration.

How can Cynosure Icon improve my facial pigmentation?

Cynosure Icon laser treatment is a noninvasive, virtually painless process that helps reduce the appearance of facial pigmentation and discolorations of the skin. 

Using therapeutic levels of light energy, the Icon laser treatment targets the melanin cells causing your facial discoloration. This process stimulates the body’s natural immune response to get rid of the overgrown cells and diminishes discoloration as your body heals. 

What does Cynosure Icon treatments entail?

The team at Livingston Family Healthcare creates a personalized plan of care for you and determines the best length and number of sessions required for your ideal results. Typically, facial pigmentation requires several sessions to achieve ideal outcomes. 

During your session, your Cynosure Icon specialist prepares your skin using a cooling gel and provides eye protection. They use a specially designed wand to apply laser therapy directly to your treatment area. 

After treatment, you may have some tenderness or redness. For most people, any discomfort subsides within two to 24 hours after treatment. 

Laser treatments don’t require any downtime, and you can return to normal activities immediately. Your skin color gradually improves over the next few weeks after treatment, as your body heals and absorbs the dead skin cells. 

For a consultation regarding your facial pigmentation, call or schedule an appointment online with Livingston Family Healthcare.